Why Bestiary Is The Worst League In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, I believe that many players like me do not like this league, I think that the bestiary league is by far the worst league I’ve experienced, enough that it has made me all but stop playing. But why, the following points are the reasons.

1. Build Issues – this league’s mechanics are prohibitive to a massive number of builds. First off, now that you are given three seconds to kill the mob from the time you throw the net, tanky builds are much worse off than dps builds. DPS can just throw the net when the mob is full health, then explode them. Tanks have to whittle them down, deal with all the adds they spawn, and make sure they time their net perfectly.

Path of Exile

2. Blood Altar – for the first week, the Blood Altar was missing many recipes. All the good ones, of course, making it almost entirely worthless after leveling. Once the good recipes were added, they were added with the wrong numbers and had to be hotfixed. This in and of itself isn’t a big deal, but it was just another problem piled on to an already sour experience. Now, it has come out that many of the top-tier recipes that were teased are still unavailable due to the beasts required not being able to spawn with those modifiers.

3. The Concept – this league is essentially Pokemon. You run into beasts, throw nets at them and catch them. You have to time it so that they are low health, and you have a Pokedex – err, Bestiary that records each unique beast you capture.

4. Clunky – this new system was clunky. Throwing nets took a lot of time and, more often than not, the beasts would break out instantly. The breaking out was because, despite saying you’d have an allotted amount of time to kill them after throwing the net, GGG decided to make that allotted amount of time 0.2 seconds for Bestiary-modded beasts. I’m not exaggerating, it was literally 0.2 seconds.

The idea was you’d either have them at a low enough threshold to catch straight out, or you’d have to get them there within the time it took for the net to travel. Saying it was clunky is a massive understatement.

They quickly changed this to be the 3 seconds they had initially discussed. But there were still a ton of issues. The nets took forever to throw and, if the monster broke out, there was an enraged period where they couldn’t be netted again.

They changed the nets to take less time to throw this week, but the enrage mechanic lives on. While that doesn’t seem a huge deal, forcing you to time yourself makes it extremely difficult for certain builds to capture the beasts.

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