What’s In The PoE Sin And Innocence Mystery Box

In Path of Exile, GGG announced the Sin and Innocence Mystery Box for most collectors of poe orbs, including over 38 new microtransactions inspired by Sin and Innocence themselves and other Act Five content. The following content is the details about these.

Path of Exile

1. Each Mystery Box costs 30 points and guarantees one microtransaction with value equal or greater to that of the box. Many of Mystery Box cosmetics can be combined to create a blended version of the two designs for even deeper character customisation.

2. The microtransactions are grouped into three rarities: Common, Uncommon and Rare. The microtransactions within each rarity are equally likely. Here are the odds of receiving a microtransaction from each rarity: Rare20%, Uncommon35%, Common45%.

3. Many of the microtransactions in this mystery box can be combined. For example, if you receive both the Sin and Innocence Helmets from their respective armour sets, you can combine these to receive the blended Sin and Innocence Helmet.

4. To combine your microtransactions, press “M” to visit microtransaction stash, find the item you want to combine and click the small gold symbol in the top right of the icon. This will take you to the combining screen shown below.

5. Please note that this is a permanent process and they cannot be separated once combined. If the microtransaction you’re looking at doesn’t have the gold symbol this means you either need to acquire the other half of the pair or it’s not possible to combine it with another microtransaction.

6. The microtransactions that can be combined are the Sin and Innocence Armour Set Pieces, Sin and Innocence Cloaks, Sin and Innocence Wings, Sin and Innocence Portal, Sin Talon and Innocence Laurel Helmet Attachments, Sin and Innocence Footprints, Sin and Innocence Sword Skins and Sin and Innocence Sword Pets.

7. These microtransactions will also be available in the store approximately one-month after the Bestiary League ends. You’ll still be able to get them by combining Sin and Innocence Mystery Box microtransactions or through direct purchase. Their purchase price will be twice the original microtransaction.

8. After purchasing some Sin and Innocence Mystery Boxes, you can find them in the Consumable section of the microtransaction stash in-game waiting to be unwrapped. Note that these Mystery Boxes have random outcomes. Some items are rarer than others.

You are guaranteed to get an item that is worth at least what you paid for it and it’s statistically more likely that you’ll receive something of higher value. Outside of microtransaction value, there are no guaranteed outcomes. Duplicate poe items are possible.

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