This Year’s NBA 2K18 Comes With 30 All-Time Teams: Best Players List

Players have been extremely expecting the release of NBA 2K18, on the next week, the game will be available on various platforms, this year’s edition comes with 30 All-Time teams, along with a few game modes. Current NBA rosters, do you know that? How to rule the video game world? Now, let’s see the best player list and ratings of all 30 All-Time teams on NBA 2K18. There is the best channel to buy NBA 2K18 MT, why not to act it now?

NBA 2K18

Boston Celtics
Best Player: Kyrie Irving (90)
Atlanta Hawks
Best Player: Dennis Schroder (79)
Denver Nuggets
Best Player: Nikola Jokic (88)
Chicago Bulls
Best Player: Dwayne Wade (82)
Indiana Pacers
Best Player: Myles Turner (84)
Charlotte Hornets
Best Player: Kimba Walker (86)
Dallas Mavericks
Best Player: Harrison Barnes (81)
Los Angeles Lakers
Best Player: Brook Lopez (84)
Cleveland Cavaliers
Best Player: LeBron James (97)
Brooklyn Nets
Best Player: D’Angelo Russell (80)
Orlando Magic
Best Player: Nikola Vucevic (80)
Golden State Warriors
Best Player: Kevin Durant (96)
Houston Rockets
Best Player: James Harden (95)
New Orleans Pelicans
Best Player: Anthony Davis (94)
Memphis Grizzlies
Best Player: Marc Gasol (89)
Miami Heat
Best Player: Hassan Whiteside (87)
Oklahoma City Thunder
Best Player: Russell Westbrook (94)
Detroit Pistons
Best Player: Andre Drummond (85)
Minnesota Timberwolves
Best Player: Karl-Anthony Towns (91)
New York Knicks
Best Player: Kristaps Porzingis (86)
Toronto Raptors
Best Player: DeMar DeRozan (89)
Washington Wizards
Best Player: John Wall (90)
Philadelphia 76ers
Best Player: Joel Embiid (86)
Portland Trail Blazers
Best Player: Damian Lillard (89)
Sacramento Kings
Best Player: George Hill (82)
Phoenix Suns
Best Player: Devin Booker (86)
San Antonio Spurs
Best Player: Kawhi Leonard (95)
Utah Jazz
Best Player: Rudy Gobert (88)
Los Angeles Clippers
Best Player: Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan (87)
Milwaukee Bucks
Best Player: Giannis Antetokounmpo (91)

Above are the best player list of all 30 All-Time teams on NBA 2K18, if you want to learn more, please continue to keep an eye on U4NBA, each the best player’s introduction and related other information, see more at here.

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