Occultist Has Been Revamped In Path Of Exile

The Occultist is an Ascendancy class for Witches in Path of Exile. Collectors of poe currency may know, Occultists are suited for Witches with a focus on chaos damage or curses. Malediction greatly enhances curse specialists, while Profane Bloom and Void Beacon amplify the output of chaos damage.

Occultists are well-served by builds that rely on & maximize energy shield. Occultists also may serve as a generic way to generate Power Charges in builds which lack other means of doing so. Recently, Occultist has been revamped. Please see the picture below.

Path of Exile

Occultist accomplishes what it is made to be. The first large branch is for curse builds. That’s kind of it. The second is for energy shield builds, although I think all witches focus on energy shield so I don’t know what build would want to go for this branch in particular. Maybe ones that badly need a survivability boost or hardcore builds? First small branch is for power charge builds. Second small branch is for chaos damage builds. This is the most straight-forward ascendancy I have seen so far.

Power charge generation changed from on crit to 200 mana spent, curses work on hexproof, profane bloom explosions work with minions now, cursed enemies deal 10% less dmg and take 10% inc dmg, and vile bastion ES regen on kill doubled from 0.5% to 1% and capped at 30%.

Wow, literally every node is great. Seems really tough to decide which nodes you don’t take, because Vile Bastion branch seems mandatory if you are in any way using ES (+250 FLAT ES, Uninterruptable ES recharge, 1% ES Regen/second per killed enemy recently, stun immunity), and then so does Malediction branch (+1 curse, hexproof, proof, 25% curse effectiveness, curses cause – 10% damage dealt+10% increased taken, enemy explosion, nonchaos dmg gained as chaos dmg).

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