NBA 2K17: Rolling Out Patch 1.06 And Fixes Some Issues

Currently, regarding NBA 2K17 1.06 patch have been rolled out, including a variety of fixes in gameplay, MyLEAGUE, MyTEAM, MyPARK, MyTEAM, MyGM as well as MyCAREER. It’s worth delighting that NBA 2K17 will fix to Pro-Am issues is now available, without futher ado, even if a number of smaller problems still need to be addressed at a later time.


The “NBA 2K17″ patch notes on Facebook stated that the Hornets will now have their proper court projection during pre-game presentation. The new patch fixed an indefinite simulating screen after completing the 20-year MyCAREER, and fixed a hang in MyGM/MyLEAGUE when trying to enter the Staff Signing experience when the team had an expired Head Coach and no Assistant Coach.

The patch addressed an issue where MyTEAM card sent to the Auction House can still appear in lineup menu as being available when it actually was not. It also covers an issue in MyGM/MyLEAGUE where a league full of Classic and Euroleague teams would sometimes hang late in the season when simulating. An “NBA 2K17″ fix was also made in MyTEAM Challenge where the in-game overlay would claim that the challenge was not successfully completed, although it actually was.

In the “NBA 2K17″ gameplay, the new patch fixed an issue where pass icons did not appear for users playing in 4K on the PS4 Pro. There was also a fix for long, drawn out dribble loss animations from the body up system to enhance responsiveness.

The “NBA 2K17″ patch provided some aggressive bump back dribble collisions in MyPARK. All players have to be in position before checking the ball in half-court games in MyPARK. The CPU’s ability to enter offense sets and run plays have been sped up.

The “NBA 2K17″ patch provided some performance enhancements to solidify the Pro-Am experience. An issue that causes some users to hang when trying to move from one park to another was fixed. “NBA 2K17″ players can now unequip the skateboard and mascot outfits from their MyPLAYER. With respect to the NBA 2K17 1.06 patch, it has a file of 7.4 GB on PlayStation 4, 2.6GB on Xbox One and 139.5MB on PC.

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