Mu Legend: There Is A Guild System Called Knight League

Mu Legend, with the aim of recreating the sensations that gamers received from the cult of the original Mu Online. The game is developed on Unreal Engine 3, in accordance to Webzen, this stable and proven engine is well suited for demonstrating large-scale battles on not too powerful PC configurations. More details about Mu Legend, you can head over to:


MU Legend – prequel MU Online. Webzen want to tell the story of the characters that were mentioned in the script MU Online. Events unfold 1000 years before the original. Players will find out why Kundun was resurrected as the Lord of Darkness. The plot part of MU Legend begins with the fact that Ikarus could not stop the resurrection of Kundun, and to solve the problem sent the heroes to the past. Recommend an official website to buy Mu Legend Power Leveling.

In MU Legend there is a guild system called Knight League. Over guild wars, the developers are still conjuring, trying to find the best option, which will not force players to participate in massive PvP. The main tasks for the current moment are to determine the amount of PvP itself and the optimal number of participants in it.

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