ArcheAge Guide: Sharpwind Mine Memory Tome Dungeon

Running the first dungeon when your character has leveled up to Lv20 in ArcheAge game, what characteristics of ArcheAge dungeon? Let’s together to experience this beginner first archeage dungeon: Sharpwind Mine Memory Tome.

First, Sharpwind Mine Memory Tome is located on the Western Continent in Dewstone. The entrance to the dungeon is in the southwestern corner of the map just north of the pathway to White Arden. Then you need know this dungeon is 3 man dungeon and only completed once, recommended 1 Healer + 1 Tank + 1 DPS.

AA Sharpwind 1

Above is the map entrance of Sharpwind Mine Memory Tome dungeon, go to here directly if you are still not clear this place. Although this is a newbie dungeon, but being defeated group is very common if you are not familiar with this dungeon. After you enter the dungeon, the NPC in the door will help you recover the most of experience due to the loss of death, but would cost your small amount of labor points. While, here is also a resurrection place when you died in dungeon.

Go forward until you find a big and deep pit after entering the Sharpwind Mine Memory Tome dungeon. Jump and do not afraid that below is a pool you will not die. Swim forward and jumped on the land after jumped out of the pool, then go forward continue until you find a wooden bridge. Note, the bridge will broken suddenly when someone come to the middle of bridge, there are many mobs will appear if you are fall uncareful and very easy be sec-killed.

AA Sharpwind 2

One of teammates has a AOE skill at least before your group down. Although there are many mobs in here, but their life is very low, using AOE skill and kill them. Then digging the surrounding stones and the water will rise up after kill mobs. You will reach the first boss territory after land.

First Boss – Nerta
There is a mob Right Hand of Nerta Vera you can find, and very easy to be killed, do not think this mob is the boss, just the combat begin when you lamented the boss very weak.

AA Sharpwind 3

Nerta boss has a teleport skill, she will disappear every once in a while, then throw a bomb from the air, note, do not be trapped by bombs. You will get a chest after killed the boss, and then you will find the forward way is blocked by a stone, you need catch a powder keg from next to the iron gate to exploded the stone. Next is the second Stonebrother boss.

AA Sharpwind 4

Second Boss – Stonebrother Colossus
This boss not very hard, almost can solo it if you are a remote archer. Note, avoid falling rocks from the sky when the boss hitting the ground every time if you are a melee player. There will find a pool after you killed this boss, and no way again when you swim forward, ok, this time you should off down and bypass this stone in the pool. Next is the final boss.

AA Sharpwind 5

Final Boss – Okape the Slayer
There are some notes you need know before kill the last boss.
1. The healer should control the life of Tank, if you are not clear the class of healer, please concentrate on heal and abandon the output completely.
2. Summon 2 mini mobs every once in a while, AOE skills and kill them fast, or it is very trouble things the mobs will chase the healer and the tank.
3. This is very important note, remember avoid the tornadoes, many newbie groups because of this tornadoe caused the group will be wipe. Especially the healer and tank should pay attention to the location and direction of tornadoes, and avoid it before. At last, there is a tip you need know, pick up the shield on the ground, can increase your survivability!

AA Sharpwind 6 would bring you the most useful archeage guide, news and builds. Pay attention to and enjoy us!

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