An Official Feature Guide on Trade Unveiled for ArcheAge

Trion has unveiled an official feature guide on Trade for ArcheAge that is very helpful. Including completing daily quests and combating with others, you can also build farms, ships, mansions… and trade with Traders in the continent of ArcheAge to get valuable Packs.


How do I start?

To run a trade route, you must craft (or find or steal) a Trade Pack, transport it to another region, and deliver it to a Trade NPC. A helpful Trading Guide NPC will give you a quest to craft and deliver your first Trade Pack as you level through your race’s starting zones.


How do I craft a Trade Pack?

To craft a Trade Pack, you must visit a Specialty Workbench. These Workbenches can be located on your map under the Infrastructure section – simply ensure the checkbox next to “Specialty Workbench” is checked and its location will appear on your map.
Each Workbench (and the Trade Packs it can produce) are region-specific, requiring local ingredients that you can gather and harvest yourself or purchase from other players or the Auction House. Finishing a Trade Pack also requires a Quality Certificate, which you can purchase from General Merchants.


Where do I deliver it?

Once you’ve crafted your Trade Pack, you will need to deliver it to a Gold Trader, Resource Trader, or Gilda Star Trader in another region … or another continent! Gold Traders reward you with gold, Resource Traders reward you with important crafting components used in a variety of other recipes, and Gilda Star Traders pay out Gilda Stars you can use to purchase specialty items including blueprints for houses, boats, and more. While don’t worry, trading is not the only way to earn important resource and Gilda Star, you can still get them from daily quests.


How do I get there?

The Donkey is an early-game quest reward mount – the only one, in fact, that is effective at carrying a Trade Pack. It is not as fast as normal mounts, but is certainly better than walking. Other modes of transportation such as ships, farm wagons, and cars have room to carry Trade Packs as well. You can also make use of the world’s automated transport systems such as Airships and Carriages.

If you are on trading route, or just prepare to do some trade runs, this guide can be extremely useful. On the way of trading route you might encounter obstacles, how to avoid them and protect yourself? As for more details, interested gamers can check Guide on official ArcheAge website and a Packing Running Guide by raptorak.

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